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15 minutes ago
I like my friends when I'm in trouble because ....they stand beside me with a baseball bat saying...SOMEONE'S GOING TO GET IT.
40 minutes ago
With all the hate in the world why would some of you bring it in here. I come to this site to enjoy playing a few games of " friendly " pool. Not to see folks hurting each other with mean words. Grow up !!
1 hour ago
BrightEyeBushyTail: they say that vtwin is really a woman. so that is why he would say something like that Maggie-May: really? BrightEyeBushyTail: they use to say that back in 2010 Maggie-May: Oh well, he's been reported. I just hope they give him & others a warning BrightEyeBushyTail: you mean her lol Maggie-May: whatever it is lol BrightEyeBushyTail: she has another name
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