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The Decoder

Can you figure out the hidden combination? In this puzzle game of sleuthing, use process-of elimination to figure out the correct combination of colored marbles. You must figure out the combination before you run out of guesses and time! 10 levels of difficulty!

How to Play:
You get 8 guesses to figure out the hidden combination at the end of the board. Fill colored marbles from the bottom into the lowest row of slots. After, hit the red button on the bottom right of the board. A black marble means you got a color right and it is in the right spot (or order). A white marble means that you selected a correct color marble but it is in the wrong spot. If you didn't get any marbles after hitting the red button it means that none of the colors you used in your guess are in the hidden combination. A color can be used more then once in a combination, so watch out!

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