Crescent Solitaire Classic
Crescent Solitaire Classic
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Crescent Solitaire Classic

Creative Cards Redefined With Classic Crescent Solitaire

Why play ordinary Solitaire when you can play free Classic Crescent Solitaire online? Use cards with matching suits from the crescent to build your piles up from ace to king and down from king to ace. While this may sound simple, play free Crescent Solitaire, and you'll soon discover the challenge and exciting fun in this variation of the traditional game of Solitaire.

Quick Rules for Classic Crescent Solitaire

Move all of the cards from the outer piles (tableau) to the eight foundation piles in the center. Build the aces up in suit to the king, and the kings down in suit to the ace. Play free Crescent Solitaire online today!

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