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Spliterature TIPS

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Do any of these tips help?
Yes, thanks. You learn something new every day.
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No, you have nothing on my Spliterature skills.
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PostPosted: Thu Mar 26, 2009 3:06 am    Post subject: Spliterature TIPS Reply with quote

Here's some TIPS I use that may improve your score on Spliterature:

    The words ALWAYS read left to right. Ignore letter combinations that don't exist or are highly improbable--especially at the beginning of a word.

    Pay attention to LETTER COMBOS that are probable. Your brain can often filter out and recognize words just by reading over a group of letters, especially if English is your native language.

    ENTER some letters even before you know the answer. As you rescan the remaining letters, it may come to you.

    Quickly read the CLUE and then read the LETTERS as they scroll out. Often you can solve the puzzle before you're even able to enter the letters.

    ALWAYS type the shorter word if it's a big difference.

    The game never seems to speed up. And you ADD time (2 seconds) for every puzzle you solve within the Time Bonus. If you solve them quickly enough, you can play indefinitely. I only tend to lose time when I have to enter in really long words, since it doesn't allow keyboard entry.

    Don't hesitate if you need to use your HINT. If you don't get the answer right away, you're losing time.

    Don't play in the airport. You may miss your flight.

Hope these tips help! Feel free to post others and let me know if your score improves. Good luck! Wink
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