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High Score?
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PostPosted: Sat Jul 25, 2009 12:35 am    Post subject: You can get high scores Reply with quote

Laughing Why is it that when someone gets a high score right off the bat ,
We ... all think there cheating ? Well i know in 52 pick up i can get in the 9,000 `s most games now but let me tell ya , When i first started playing
all i could do was 7`000 s but after about three years of playing the game and probley 500,000 games i have gotten my score up , Yes you have to be fast and accurate .. no mistakes or it takes points from you !
WATCH the timer when you complete a hand it may be around 100
or 80 something .. that will get you a game of around 6,000 or 7,000
but if you can get them cleared and have 130 or better left on the timer
you will have a 9,000 score ... like i say it takes practice and lots of games to work up the speed and also as you play more in more you`ll be able to tell what cards are buried under another .. look at each card remember something about it like one of the jacks has red lines in it if its
buried and you can see the red line you know its a jack .. or say you got a three buryied you know the three is going to be a card with the clubs or diamonds going down the middle not the outside .. look at each card then remember it then find something on it that you can remember
and in no time you`ll be getting great games .. Not everyones a cheater !
I know cause i used to think the same but not no more i can do it now !
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