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GDG rudeness

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PostPosted: Sun May 25, 2014 3:25 pm    Post subject: GDG rudeness Reply with quote

Sometimes, before all the games load into the Favorites box, I see two rows of spinning silver balls. The top line has "blah blah blah" typed there. The lower line has "this is what shows up if you don't have any friends" (by the way, I do have friends listed on that line). You really should apologize to the players here and also to your advertisers for your rudeness! If you can't show respect to the players who help provide you with jobs, you should re-evaluate why you even have this site!

[Note: There are other replies at Suggestions which I am not pasting here. Here is my response to those:

Just so you know... I did not feel any warm fuzzies from the notes that GDG put up in the Quick Tab and I'll tell you why. GDG allows people to bully other people on this site, especially at Pool Multiplayer. Some bullies come in as guests and call us names or are rude and nasty. Other bullies are registered members who leave nasty comments on the message board, call each other names, etc. GDG does nothing to help us with this. They won't (or can't?) change the game and they rarely ban or block anyone, even if a person puts up multiple posts that are rude or nasty. Why do I play here? It's the site I consider my "home" and I will not allow the bullies to run me off the site...but that should include the Powers That Be at GDG, too. I viewed their little comments as rude because of the rudeness and nastiness that they (GDG) allow on this site and I viewed them as part of the problem and not the solution. I hope that GDG will do something to help us!]
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