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Both beautiful and practical wedding shoes how to pick

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 11, 2011 4:26 am    Post subject: Both beautiful and practical wedding shoes how to pick Reply with quote

Wedding shoes, which is like decorating the wedding cake of fruit or flowers, so small a detail, it is likely that finishing touch it. Wear on the shoes, and carefully selected wedding can complement each other, the crowd's approval and blessing onto the red carpet, the glass slipper this double symbol of love brought to you, is the heart of happiness. So for once in a lifetime of perfect wedding, wedding shoes, our thoughts on how much it cost and effort, will not seem excessive.

Selection of wedding shoes, to take care of too many factors, small wedding styles and colors, to the entire wedding style and tone, to take into account the height shoe height and the coordination of the groom, but also to their ability to control one pair of fully consider the shape of the wedding shoes ability - after all, on this day, I'm afraid you have to wearing a pair of thin high heels, smiled and talked to running all day. This sweet and complex task, let us start from the following two main aspects to solve it.

1, the design of wedding shoes

Wedding shoes should be all kinds of shoes, the design of the most beautiful complex types, those nice bow, flowers, feathers, sequins and even expensive jewelry, can think of elements, the designer can be used in the design. Looming seemingly casual skirt beautifully decorated, will greatly increase the bride's taste of style points.

If the bride chose trailing white dress, wedding shoes will have relatively simple in style, close to the wedding of the white or silver, light satin or matte leather to the system to simplify, contrasting gorgeous wedding. Meanwhile, the elegant classical wedding because of their temperament should not choose toe and heel style exposed; if the bride choose a short and stylish design of the wedding, then you can choose a bold and innovative enough to wedding shoes to highlight the beautiful lines of the legs , so the shape can be enough to escape, metallics and bright colors and ankles tied ribbon style, inlaid transparent toe or heel style can try; if the bride choose a Chinese cheongsam dress or improved, then the red lines deer face or suede high heels, or with a strong flavor of Chinese embroidery shoes are most appropriate to the.

2, the practicality of wedding shoes

A good pair of shoes, after the wedding reception, annual meeting, party and other occasions, with the right clothing can also be repeated after use, of course, that the material of the shoes, shoes, and comfort with a high request.

Integrated all the details, except for a beautiful shape, we selected the material quality, comfortable shoes, a pair of shoes makes walking easier, to avoid the wedding for the bride to add the extra burden. With this in mind, we should try to choose the right size and material elegant wedding shoes, wedding shoes, taking into account the adjustment to play the role of height and proportion, in order to reduce the pain caused by long toes, high water table, exposing the arch style is a good choice. With or in flat shoes with the wedding, usually selected slightly more than half the usual pin code or codes, and ultra-high slope with or with the select code is relatively small semi-fit. The shape of the depth of the sole pattern is also very important, they are not only decorative, but the key is that they are carrying the anti-skid function, will avoid the wedding site multi-step, multi-smooth surface and place the shoes fall off, or other embarrassing incidents.

Only, a pair of beautiful wedding shoes, as much as possible before the wedding to try on, the shoes, mouth, toes, followed by the more hard part of the softening, wear patches or paste, the whole double wedding shoes from the inside to the outside of the state adjusted to best remember the last bridesmaid bag stuffed with a few small Band-Aid, these small things could become the great savior.
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 15, 2011 12:21 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 24, 2014 12:03 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Trolling through the forum I found this little gem, just hilarious lmao Laughing
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