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This game is fun, but could be better

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 05, 2008 3:44 pm    Post subject: This game is fun, but could be better Reply with quote

I have enjoyed playing Tangoes and other Tanagram puzzles. I enjoy this game, but there are a few things that could enhance and make this even better.

First, there is not enough varity, I have pretty much played the same 10 tanagrams over and over, with the only challenge being to out score my last attempt. And after solving a tanagram a few times, it is committed to memory and no longer challenging. There are litterally hundreds of tanagrams that are out there, so why not use them?

Also some direction as to how one can score more than 100 points would be nice. I noticed sometimes I am scored 200 or even 300 points (not including time bonus) for completeing the puzzle and I assume it is the pattern used is "right" while the other score is for having used all the pieces but not in the "right" location, but again, this is very unclear.

My last beef is with the "snap to grid" use, you should be able to turn this off. There are times that I have to position and move pieces and had trouble getting them to land in the right spot because when I click to release the peice it moves ever so slightly the right and down, get it wrong and waste precious time trying to reposition...frustrating.

This game would be better too if time in the later stages didn't run out so fast, but the programmers must have gotten lazy and not wanted to add more tanagrams and give the player a chance to really challenge them rather than just speed up the clock to an impossible pace (I cant even click on every piece let alone place them in the time allowed in the later stage)

Other than that, this game is fun.
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