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Game Resetting to ZERO?
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Joined: 10 Dec 2008
Posts: 3648

PostPosted: Sun Feb 16, 2014 9:25 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I don't know what krazykop means about
"restarting from zero 3 times now".
But I think since one can only 'level' up or gain upgrades/power levels
up to 5 stars,any players that play often or long enough
will all be at that same level sooner or later.
I have played (some) since the day the game was brought back,
yet I don't have 1 star on all of the power ups and my score is funny
compared to the top scorers.But some players have 2,3 or more stars
in all of the power ups because they play longer (better) than I do.
But I certainly wouldn't want them to give up things they bought
just so I can hope that I'll be in the top 10 on the leader board.
Even if I got in the top 10 ( Smile ) I'm sure I wouldn't stay there long.
I just don't think it would be fair to hundreds of players that have
worked hard and played a long time to earn those power ups
to have them taken away at the beginning of every week.
That seems like it would make one think
"What's the use if I have to do it all again?"
The more one plays the more coins they earn,the more they can buy.
If one has already bought those power ups
why should they have to buy the same ones again and again and again Question
Then again,that's just my opinion on the subject.
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Joined: 27 Feb 2010
Posts: 344

PostPosted: Sun Feb 16, 2014 10:08 am    Post subject: Re: Reply with quote

ConnieLea wrote:
I don't know what krazykop means about
"restarting from zero 3 times now".

I discovered the game on the Orlando site (first time playing), then shared the link with others. After 24 hours, the servers on the Orlando site got reset, causing all scores to return to zero (second time playing). Then the game made its debut on GDG (third time playing).
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Joined: 14 Dec 2011
Posts: 41

PostPosted: Sun Feb 16, 2014 11:25 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hey ConnieLea,
You're 100% right, the boosts should stay in place once they are obtained. The idea that the progress should be reset weekly is being suggested by someone who hasn't fully understood what it takes to max out.
A player who plays the game 5 hours a day for 7 days will still not have all of their boosts maxed out. That's a lot of time to put into a game... and to never see the rewards that come after completely maxing out?
THAT'S JUST RIDICULOUS and I personally think that anyone who feels that the game's progress should reset weekly should AT LEAST play to the point of completely maxing out their boosts before thinking they know best.

I would not support a game that I didn't feel was being fair to all who played it. There is nothing unfair about this game.
The game is made so that the more you play the more $ you earn, the more $ you earn the more boosts you can buy. The more boosts you buy the better you play. The better you play the more $ you earn...
To wipe that out every week... no. She needs to play the game until she has completely maxed out her boosts. THEN if she still doesn't like GDG's version, there's always that other site where she played last week.

I first found Stunt Armadillos (beta) last year after it had been up for MONTHS and during those MONTHS it was being played everyday by the regular players.
I had fun playing the game and that's all I cared about when I first discovered it.
In my first week I remember enjoying the swings and misses, the crack of the bat and "Woooo-Hoooo" when I'd hit a good one, seeing how far I could get the armadillos to go, seeing all of the interesting things that the armadillos passed or crashed into... and so much more.
There were a lot of reasons that I played and not a single one of them had anything to do with scores or leaderboards.
There was also the game community. I had fun getting to know the regulars who posted on the board, they shared tips and chattered constantly.
I steadily built up my progress and soon enough I was sitting in the top 5 along with the others.
So I KNOW the game is fair because I came in MONTHS later and I spent plenty of time on the leaderboard.
I don't even like making this about the leaderboard because this game is about SO MUCH MORE than points. It's about having FUN and working your way up from 0 progress to the point where you are able to make those armadillos go distances that you can't even believe until you do it yourself.
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Joined: 14 Dec 2011
Posts: 41

PostPosted: Sun Feb 16, 2014 12:30 pm    Post subject: Re: Reply with quote

krazykop wrote:
I'm not sure at this point why you have chosen to lash out at me over a simple question I had about the scoring of the game. Our views on the subject are different, obviously, and that is the only basis I can see that would come close to a reasoning on why you chose me to explode on. But, alas, if you seriously think my opinion on the fairness of the scoring in the game is worth your time and effort to scold me for my views, then go ahead. I will uphold my views, but I will not be bullied into changing them.

I wouldn't mind starting over every week. In fact, after playing the game, and restarting from zero 3 times now, I've learned a bit about which armadillo flies the furthest, where to start my mouse at, which items to buy first in the store, etc. The first time I played, I simply bought the cheap stuff first, which simply didn't benefit my travel distance. The second time, I learned from my mistakes, and my score got higher faster. Now that I'm on my 3rd game, I'm doing even better than the first two. Restarting challenged me to out-do myself...and that's a challenge that I completely enjoyed.

WHO is any of that ^ for?
It can't be for me because you and I both know that YOU are the one who has done nothing but complain and post your negativity all over this thread. At first I was trying to be helpful, but you, as graceless and as cold as it gets, let me know that I had not read your post correctly.
After that... well, it's all there in black and white and I seriously doubt that anyone who reviews this thread will be thinking that I
"have chosen to lash out at " or "explode on" you.

"I wouldn't mind starting over every week."
Well if that's what you would prefer, maybe The Orlando Sentinel site is your best fit.

"In fact, after playing the game, and restarting from zero 3 times now..."
That's a shame... you having to restart 3 whole times!
Those 2 days of progress... 3 at the most... down the drain.
Try restarting after MONTHS.
Right now, with only a few days of play under your belt, you don't even know what restarting is.
But hey, here's a thought... since you are convinced that the game would be better, FAIRER, if the progress reset weekly... why don't you just play SA over at that other site? Seems like THAT plan would work out fine for everyone.

I have no idea what your issue is at this point.
You seem bent on bashing the game as well as trying to twist this into being some kind of Sookie attacking krazykop fairytale. I don't even need to go there because this entire thread speaks for itself.
I'm no longer interested in trying to change your mind about the game.. obviously it's made up even though you are still a long way from the finish line.
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Joined: 14 Dec 2011
Posts: 41

PostPosted: Sun Feb 16, 2014 3:55 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I said something about lost progress in my last post so...
I have STARTED playing at 0 progress 4 different times and I've had to RESTART at 0 progress 1 time.

(1) START at 0. My first time playing Stunt Armadillos on GDG last year.
(2) START at 0. My first time playing Flickadillos on GDG last year.
(3) RESTART at 0. A few days after starting Flick I downloaded a new browser that came with a bonus virus. To get rid of the computer virus I had to clean out my pc which dumped my game's progress... so I started again. Note- removing the virus caused both my Stunt Armadillos AND Flickickadillos progress to be erased but I'm only counting it as 1.
(4) RESTART at 0. - Recently a link to the new Stunt Armadillos was posted to the MD board. The game was up and ready to play at The Orlando Sentinel site (it went up a few days before it was available at GDG). A few of us tried it out there but we only played a few days before the site reset our progress to 0. I didn't continue playing there once my progress was erased.
(5) START at 0. This past week when the armadillos finally came back home to GDG.

There is a HUGE difference in losing a few days of progress compared to having all of the boost upgrades removed and being knocked back down to 0.
Losing a few days does sting but it's still easy enough to replace.
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Joined: 15 Nov 2008
Posts: 43

PostPosted: Mon Feb 17, 2014 1:30 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Okay.....I have never posted much in the 4/5 years I've been on GDG. Only when I felt so strongly about a subject, so gonna put my 2 cents in on this....

I was one of the people that lost all progress, after a lot of days, and earned coin invested, in old versions.
It happened to me 3 times. I was so very disheartened !!! But, absolutely no one loves this game more than me, so I sucked it up and kept playing.

What matters to us dilloholics is the game itself... not the leaderboard, or the treats.

We love the challenge of bettering our own scores, yakking about the game and the incessant FUN we have whacking the little critters ....seeing what happens, where they go and what they do!!!
The antics make me laugh, outloud, sometimes.

I would play this game without a leaderboard or useless treats!!! So would the rest of the players who love it, those who are willing to invest hours, days, and eventually weeks, into earning those improvements available in the game.

This game wasn't built to be a 7 day game, nor should it be.
R&D aimed for a game to attract players who love a long- term challenge and sense of community.
I don't think they knew just how popular, how needed, this type of game was/would be.
They deserve all the kudos, in the universe, for inventing this, in my book!!!

Krazykop, you know I respect your opinion, and intelligence, but on this subject, I agree with Connie and the game to 5x, see what it takes to get there, the investment in time and energy, then come back here and post your thoughts.....
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Joined: 10 Dec 2008
Posts: 3648

PostPosted: Mon Feb 17, 2014 3:27 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

By no means was I trying to say anyone was wrong or right or anything else like that.
We all know that I sing krazykops' praises to the hilt and back again.
I also sing Sookies' in quite a few game comment sections.
I just look at it like this,there are 5 stars under each power up
(or whatever you want to call them)
once a player has bought up to all 5 stars on every power up
they can't go any further.
If I play long enough and earn enough coins
I'll even get to that same spot.
Then I will have the same boosts
as those who have played a lot longer than I have.
Just as anyone else playing
that goes and buys from the store will do eventually.
Then we will all be at that same level.
However,if all progress is wiped out at the beginning of the week,
let's say for some reason I can't play the first two days of the week,
yet all of the players that have played those two days
are WAY ahead of me,how can I EVER catch up with them...
wait till next week?Or play like the devil,
earn coins and buy,buy,buy all day on the third day of the week.
I bet I'll catch up with some of them that way.
I bought a new pair of sandals for a trip to Fla.
We were there about 3 days before our kids joined us.
They didn't have new sandals yet,should I have to give mine up?
I know it's not the same thing but I can't think of anything to compare
this to right at the moment.
If one can only go so far,sooner or later
anyone and everyone that plays is going to be at the same place,
because there's nowhere left to go.
That way the better players can't get ahead of you anymore.
I sound like I'm rambling so I'll stop and be quiet on this subject now.
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Joined: 14 Jul 2011
Posts: 426

PostPosted: Tue Feb 18, 2014 10:39 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Update 2/24: This thread is back open for business!

I'll be locking this thread because it has escalated into personal attacks.

Something I would like to remind everyone of is that it's very difficult to communicate precise feelings online. It's very easy to read something and interpret it as an attack when it may not have been, or to write something innocent and have it interpreted as offensive. Please keep this in mind when reading and posting.

My rule of thumb: if you find yourself angrily typing a reply to someone online, take a break for a while before posting and think about whether it's really worth it. It's something I have to do sometimes too!

I also always try to avoid the situation in this comic:
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Joined: 10 Dec 2008
Posts: 3648

PostPosted: Tue Feb 25, 2014 6:02 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Brian, forgive me for asking and pointing this out.
But didn't you say you were locking this thread Question Question

Embarassed Embarassed my bad..."Update 2/24: This thread is back open for business! "

per GDG Brian on 2/24/14
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