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Great Day Games

What is Great Day Games? Great Day Games is a place you can come to to let off some steam and have a great time. Get lost in our games. We have over 200 of them. Play with friends. Win prizes, win trophies. Becoming a registered member is free. Not a member? Click here to sign up! You’ll have access to:

Friends Lists Compose Messages/Message Inbox Great Prizes Create Custom GDmees Share Photos Ratings and Leaderboards Much, Much More!
Web Games

The Web Games at Great Day Games are free to play and designed for your enjoyment. If you’re a registered Great Day Games member your high scores will be posted to the leaderboards and you will earn Treats when you play. What are Treats and what are they used for? Click here to find out. If you’re not a registered Great Day Games member, Register here, it’s free.

To play the Web Games on Great Day Games you must have the Flash Player installed on your computer. To get the latest version of the Flash Player for free, click here. If you notice games running very slow on your computer it may be that your computer is too old or lacks enough power or memory to play some games on this site.

Social Games

The Social Games at Great Day Games are free to play and designed for your enjoyment. Social Games utilize Facebook to enhance your experience by allowing you to play with all of your Facebook friends. If you have a Facebook account, or would like to create one, you can connect directly by clicking here.

To play the Social Games on Great Day Games we suggest you DO NOT user Internet Explorer as your browser. There are known issues that occur in Internet Explorer when trying to connect to Facebook. Please try another browser like, Firefox, Safari or Chrome. If you are still having problems, please contact us.

Download Games

There are lots of games to download on Great Day Games. You can get free trial versions of Download Games or purchase them directly. To see all available Download Games, click here.


What are treats? Treats are our rewards to you for doing well when playing our games! When you get a good score in our games, we reward you with treats. You can then redeem your treats for a chance to win great prizes from many of our great sweepstakes here You must be a US resident and 18 and over to enter our sweepstakes.


Do you want to win great prizes? Earn treats and enter our great sweepstakes! You must be logged into the site to enter our sweepstakes. To view our current sweepstakes, click here You must be a US resident and 18 and over to enter our sweepstakes.

Your chances to win are based on the popularity of the sweepstakes and the amount of entries you make before the particular sweepstake is closed. The more you enter, the higher the chances are to become a winner.

When the sweepstakes close, a winner will be chosen at random from all entries. The pending winner will be sent an email for verification. The winner must respond within 7 days or else the prize will be awarded to a new winner. This is why we make users verify their email address when registering to the site. Make sure your email address is always up to date and check your junk mail because you could be our next winner.


Coming Soon!

My Page

My Page is your personal profile page on Great Day Games. You must be logged into the site to access My Page. If you have not registered for the site yet, don’t hesitate. It’s free. Register here

On My Page, you’ll be able to check your GDG Rating, calendar attendance, friends, messages, trophies and much more. You can also create and edit your GDme avatars.

You can also manage your account settings by click My Settings on My Page. Here you can update your email address and password as well as set who can view your personal information.


GDmees are your personal avatars. To create your own GDme, you must be logged in. Go to My Page and click Create or edit GDmees.

Select from different themes and tabs within the themes to select backgrounds, eyes, hair, etc. Clicking Add on the item will place the item in the Layers list of your image. In the Layers, you can move items up and down the list to order them. Items on the top will show in front of items below it. If you have an item selected in the Layers list, you can then reposition the image on the left with your mouse. To remove an image, just click the X next to the image on the Layers list. Once you are satisfied with your GDme avatar image, click Save at the top. You will be prompted to create a name for your image.

You can view all of your created GDmees by clicking the View all GDmees link on your My Page. To make a GDme image your profile image that everyone will see, select the GDme you want to use and click Make This My Profile Image on the View all GDmees page.

You can display your Facebook Profile picture as your GDme by completing the following steps:

  • 1) Set your profile picture on Facebook as the photo you would like to display as your GDme;
  • 2) Log into by clicking the “Signup through Facebook” button;
  • 3) Click on the “My Page” link in the global navigation;
  • 4) Click on the “My Settings” link in the upper right-hand side;
  • 5) Click on the “GDmees” tab in the center of the page;
  • 6) Click the blue link that reads “Use my current Facebook Photo”.

This will update your GDme to be the photo from your current profile picture in Facebook.


By adding friends to your My Page, you get updates on the kind of activities your friends are doing on Great Day Games. To add a friend, you must be logged into the site. Simply go to a user’s profile page and click Add as a Friend. The user must confirm you as a friend before both of your accounts will be shown as Friends. Friends also increase your GDG rating so add many and often!


If users request you as a friend, you will get messages to confirm them as friends. When you are logged in, this will display in the New Messages link above your Quick Tab. Clicking X on the message will remove the message.

Approved friends will have permission to send you private messages. These messages will arrive in your “Inbox” tab on your Messages page. You can expand these messages by clicking the “See More” link. By clicking the “Reply” link you can draft a response. You are also able to write a new message to users on your friends list by clicking on the “Compose New” tab. Sent message will be saved for you in your “Sent Messages” tab. You can prevent users from sending you private messages by removing them from your friends list.

GDG Rating

How to Rate a GDMe: To rate a GDMe, while logged in, go to the user's profile page and click View All GDMees. Click on the GDMe and use the star ratings under the large GDMe image.

How to Rate a game: To rate a game, while logged in, go to any game page and mouse over the blue stars on the right of the Play Button. Your rated games will turn the stars red and display the rating you gave for the game.

Ratings and Ratings Icons – You may have noticed the color of your GDG rating icon has changed. Rest assured that no one was demoted and none of your points have changed. We’ve just readjusted our Greatness Rating levels so that there are more levels for you to achieve. We have also readjusted the icons that are used so that it will be a more even progression through the levels.

Total Rating Points 0
Total Rating Points 10
Total Rating Points 20
Total Rating Points 30
Total Rating Points 40
Total Rating Points 50
Total Rating Points 60
Total Rating Points 70
Total Rating Points 80
Total Rating Points 90
Total Rating Points 100
Total Rating Points 110
Total Rating Points 120
Total Rating Points 130
Total Rating Points 140
Total Rating Points 150
Total Rating Points 160
Total Rating Points 170
Total Rating Points 180
Total Rating Points 190

The Calendar resides on a user’s profile page and shows their currently active GDme and their monthly attendance. To go to your profile page click on the My Page button in the top nav bar when you are logged in.

Blue colored days on the calendar indicate days the user has played games on Great Day Games. Red colored days on the calendar indicate days the user has played 10+ games on Great Days Games.

Users are awarded 250 treats for playing every day Monday through Sunday and have a blue colored attendance, 500 treats for playing every day Monday through Sunday and have a red colored attendance. 1,000 treats for playing every day from 1st through 31st of each month and have a blue colored attendance. 2,000 treats for playing every day from 1st through 31st of each month and have a red colored attendance. 50,000 treats for playing every day from Jan 1st through Dec 31st and have a blue colored attendance. 100,000 treats for playing every day from Jan 1st through Dec 31st and have a red colored attendance.

Your attendance also affects your GDG Rating. Your attendance rating is based on the past 100 days. To have the highest attendance rating, you must have logged in once every day in the past 100 days.


Earn trophies by playing web games. The week ends at 12:00 midnight EST Sunday night/Monday morning. The top 10 high scorers and the top 10 treat earners for the game will be awarded a Trophy. The top 5 high scorers and the top 5 treat earners will get a 500 treat bonus.

The more trophies you get for the game will upgrade how the trophy is displayed.

1-3 Trophies Bronze
4-10 Trophies Silver
10+ Trophies Gold

Five Word Reviews

Give your review of the game in exactly five words. On every web game page, you can enter exactly five words to show what you think about the game. Be as creative as possible!

Quick Tab

Your Quick Tab will show your GDme avatar, your screen name and how many treats you have in your account. You can add games and friends to your quick tab to make navigating to them easier.

To add a Game or Friend to your tab, check Add To My Quick Tab when you are on the game page or your Friend’s profile page. The next time you open the Quick Tab, the game or friend will be in the tab, you may need to use the arrow to navigate if you have more than five games or friends.


If you have feedback or ideas you want to share, come share them in the GDG Forums. You can access the forums by clicking the Forums link at the bottom of every page on the site or you can access them here

Facebook Connect

"Sign in using Facebook Connect:" is a new feature from Facebook that lets external websites such as GreatDayGames use Facebook's login system. Instead of creating a GDG account by entering all of the necessary information, you can simply click the "Login" button.

When you Login with Facebook on GDG for the first time, you will be asked if you already have a GDG Account. If you do, you can connect all of your Greatness and Treats to your Facebook profile. If you don't, we will automatically create a GDG account for you, and you can start playing games and earning treats right away. Either way, you can enjoy all the same great features that have always been provided by GDG. You will also have access to new features including:

  • Challenging your friends to compete on the GreatDayGames leaderboards with you.
  • You can play our new social games; previously only available on Facebook.
  • You can compete in tournaments that will earn you extra bonus treats.

If you have registered for GreatDayGames using your e-mail address you can link to your Facebook account using the Signup with Facebook link on the Settings page of your profile at any time.

If you see a message that says "Unable to load Facebook" that means your computer didn't successfully connect to Facebook. This is likely due to a temporary bad connection. If this occurs, please clear your browser's cache, refresh the Great Day Games home page, and try again. If the problem persists, please contact your network administrator.

You can unlink your account from GreatDayGames at any time by visiting your Settings page. Users previously registered on GDG will still be able to log-in with their e-mail address and password. If you connected to GreatDayGames for the first time using Facebook Connect, all of your account history will be lost. This action cannot be undone.

Talk Back

Talk Back is a new feature on Great Day Games that allows our members to talk back and forth to each other. Only registered members who are logged in can participate in Talk Back. Register now

Note: The use of inappropriate or abusive language by any user will result in the removal of your account.

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